Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More reviews from this month

I had the opportunity to try several new-to-me gluten free foods this month. I did not get to take pictures of many - they were just too yummy! lol

My favorite store-bought cookie is the Vanilla Cremes from Glutino - they remind me of Vienna Fingers - just irresistible little treasures - I did manage to capture a photo of these babies.

I also tried Bell & Evans Gluten Free Garlic Parmesan Breaded Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts - these are wonderful! A bit pricey - I think it was about 6.00 for the package of 2 - they were large chicken breasts - about 5 oz each. I heated them up in the oven, served over Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta with Paesana Sicilian Gravy (spaghetti sauce). Being the cheese lover that I am, yes, I added some Shredded Parmesan and slices of Mozzarella Cheese. SO good, I could have easily overindulged on these beauties.

I found all of these products at Whole Foods in Portland.


Today I tried Gramma Mills Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle mix - I was so disappointed. They just didn't measure up. The texture was okay, the flavor was flat - they almost tasted like there was bean flour in the mix, they needed salt and sweetener. We all had different ways to eat them this morning - our friend added homemade Raspberry Preserves, my husband added butter and maple syrup, I added lots of butter, sauteed apples w/cinnamon & homemade, unsweetened whip cream.

I guess nothing can even come close to my all time favorite: Really Great Food's Pancake and Waffle mix - they are light and fluffy, delicious flavor, very easy to make too! My goal is to be able to have extra mixes from Really Great Food in stock so that local folks in Maine can buy some of these yummy treasures!

Have a happy gluten free day!

Gluten-Free Reviews for 2011

Today I had the best gluten-free bread ever, it tastes like bread that I remember! I know, it’s been almost 8 years…. I had my first slice of UDI’s multigrain bread - I toasted it in my pan, I do not have a gluten free toaster yet. It was so good - I was dancing in the kitchen! I also had a UDI’s gluten free blueberry muffin - it was good - nice and moist but, it needed more blueberries - it was a regular size muffin, it only had 3 little blueberries! Being from the state of Maine, I look for lots of blueberries, not only that, from my childhood, I remember Jordan Marsh’s fresh blueberry muffins! So good. These were the best so far. I also had Al Fresco Country Style Chicken Breakfast Sausage, these were delicious too. All in all, it was a wonderful breakfast.

I will post pictures later!

Happy Gluten-Free Eating.

Theresa - the happy gluten-free momma