Monday, February 21, 2011

Banana Blueberry Bread Bake-Off

I am on my dirt and rocks diet again - I need to clean out my poor body and dump some of this weight too! I don't feel healthy anymore. I am allowing myself any fruits that I did not test "allergic" to, as well as sweetener - I will be careful here! lol I am a sugar-fanatic. Cutting out dairy will be a challenge, but one I'm ready to face, it will be a bumpy ride, but I can do it, I am worth it, I am blessing my body with good health!

Due to this change in my diet, I decided I needed to bake something.....

So, as I was pouring over Jessica's new cookbook, I decided to try the banana bread recipe from Baby Cakes. I thought it would be fun to test it against my favorite - Eleanor's Banana Bread by Gluten-Free Baking, I substituted flax meal mix for the eggs. I did add blueberries to both recipes - I just love banana and blueberry together!!!

The results, I haven't heard from Frank yet, he's been busy on the phone. My house smells wonderful! I think I overcooked the Baby Cakes version, the batter was splendid. I had to substitute for the Bob's Red Mill Flour mix( which has potato starch and I can't have potatoes right now), I only had Hodgson's - which is a more "whole grain" version of a gluten-free flour (millet, sorghum, brown rice flours). I do have to say, with testing the batters - I really liked the Baby Cakes batter best, it uses agave nectar as a sweetener. See below!

When I tried Eleanor's batter, I got an instant headache from the sugar. In the end, I really prefer the taste and texture of Eleanor's, but I like the fact that the Baby Cakes one doesn't have sugar in it. My goal - find a way to substitute the agave nectar for the sugar. I took pictures to post! See below!
The voting is in - we both like Eleanor's Banana Blueberry Bread the best. In defense of the Baby Cakes recipe - I do think I overcooked it, which gave the other an unfair advantage. So, all in all - I will work on my own recipe - taking the best of the best! I am excited to try more vegan recipes, using agave nectar. So, my goal to drop some pounds may go slower than expected!!! Oh, but baking is so much fun!

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