Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy Day means lots of fun cooking!!!

Well, I just love food, so any excuse to cook yummy foods is fine with me. So when our light flurries turned to more and more snow... I decided to some cooking!

I have experimented with a few goodies this week.

I was in the mood for a quesadilla, but also in the mood for italian, so I made an italian quesadilla - my son informed me that it would not be called a quesadilla in that case, well, whatever you call it - it was delicious! I sauteed a boneless skinless chicken breast in olive oil with sliced sweet and red onions, added some sweet basil. I then took my all time favorite brown rice tortilla and heated that in my pan, added some sliced mozzarella cheese, some Prego sauce with mushrooms, once the cheese was melted, I added the chicken mixture, folded it over and enjoyed - it was delicious!

I was also in the mood for a sweet treat today - so I made my all-time favorite blueberry crisp. I topped it with yogurt - I'm on 2 antibiotics - so yogurt is a must for me! As always, it hits the spot!

For dinner, I made myself Au Gratin Potatoes - with rice milk, rice flours and cheddar cheese - not completely dairy-free! I also added a sliced sweet onion among the layers as well as some fresh spinach. I also tried making baked macaroni and cheese - I made some extra cheese sauce, cooked up some Tinkyada shells - I baked it for a bit in the oven until it was browned on top. Both were yummy. I made my white sauce a bit too thin, but still delicious.

I think that is it for todays special cooking! These snowy days.... I also did a craft project - that was fun too!

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